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Introducing the TRUELIGHTS Nano®️ – our tiniest marvel yet, designed for targeted treatment areas and ultimate portability. The Nano is not just compact; it's a pocket-sized powerhouse weighing in at just 0.3kg, making it the perfect travel companion for those always on the move.

Benefits of the TRUELIGHTS Nano®️:

Compact and Travel-Ready:
The Nano is designed for those who value both effectiveness and convenience. Its diminutive size and lightweight build (0.3kg) make it incredibly easy to carry in your pocket, ensuring you have the power of red light therapy wherever life takes you.

Easy-to-Use Timing System:
The Nano features an intuitive timing system, allowing users to choose from 5, 10, 15, or 20-minute sessions. Set it and forget it – whether you're targeting specific body areas, treating your child, or providing comfort to your pets, the Nano simplifies the process, making it accessible for everyone.

Discreet and Versatile:
Slip the TRUELIGHTS Nano®️ into your pocket, handbag, gym kit, or baby changer, and experience the power of the sun at your fingertips wherever you go. Its discreet, phone-like design in sleek black ensures that it seamlessly blends into your daily life.

Perfect for Limited Spaces:
For those with minimal space, the Nano is a game-changer. Its small footprint allows you to enjoy the benefits of red light therapy without sacrificing valuable space. Ideal for apartments, offices, or anyone looking to maximize the benefits of light therapy in a confined environment.

Purse-Friendly Beauty Companion:
Enhance your beauty routine with the TRUELIGHTS Nano®️, your purse-friendly red light companion. Its discreet black design allows you to use it on your face without drawing attention in public, ensuring you can enjoy the beauty and wellness benefits of red light therapy wherever you are.

Embrace the power of red light in the palm of your hand with the TRUELIGHTS Nano®️ – your compact solution for daily wellness, beauty, and targeted treatment.

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