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Who We Are

True Athletic Fitness, (TEE AY FIT, "tafit" ) was born out of frustration with injury, illness, and the lack of comprehensive health and fitness solutions available under one roof. Our founders experienced firsthand the challenges of finding effective products and services, so they created Tafit to provide a one-stop destination for holistic health and wellness.

What we do

We believe in a human-centered approach that combines cutting-edge technology with accessible, everyday practices to help you optimise your life and unlock your true potential. We are more than just a fitness and lifestyle brand; we are a community dedicated to helping individuals discover their true potential. Our mission is to blend cutting-edge health solutions with approachable, everyday practices to enhance overall well-being.

We offer a wide range of services, products, and solutions designed to support you on your health and fitness journey. Our offerings include:


  • Clothing: Our collection features fitness and activewear, along with select casual pieces, all designed for comfort and performance.
  • Red Light Therapy Devices: From personal use to commercial applications, we provide red light therapy solutions to enhance recovery and overall health.


  • Retreats: Known as "Resets," our retreats are designed for both individuals and groups, offering immersive experiences to rejuvenate and inspire.
  • Coaching: We provide 1:1 coaching tailored to specific goals, including: Hyrox training, Marathon and ultra-marathon preparation, Weight management, Lifestyle coaching, Mental robustness coaching, Sports coaching and analysis, Triathlon and Ironman preparation, Weight training, Primal movement coaching, Nutrition coaching.
  • Lab Testing: Through our HealthPath Pro team, we offer comprehensive lab testing (gut, blood, urine, DNA, and more) to uncover underlying health issues. Our tests range from food inflammation to hormone imbalances. Based on the results, our coaches create personalised plans to optimise your health, making you feel like the athlete you are.

Solutions for Businesses:

  • Red Light Solutions: We supply and design red light therapy solutions for gyms, health centers, physiotherapy clinics, spas and sports facilities.
  • Group Coaching and Training: We offer group sessions and training programs tailored to your organisation’s needs.
  • Group Excursions: Customisable excursions designed to promote team building and wellness.
  • Clothing Design Services: We provide bespoke clothing design services for sports teams, gyms, clubs and business with a complimentary design fee for your first order.

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Raise Your Cellular Activity for Accelerated Recovery & Increased Performance


World -class bespoke fitness, wellbeing & detox retreats


DNA testing, Gut Analysis & bloodwork For heath & performance optimisation


Work with expert coaches specialising in an antireductionist approach.

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