Unveiling the Redvolution: Red Light Therapy vs. Infrared Saunas

Unveiling the Redvolution: Red Light Therapy vs. Infrared Saunas

In the world of wellness and rejuvenation, the choices are expanding, with red light therapy and infrared saunas emerging as powerful contenders. Let's delve into the nuances of red light therapy, exploring variable wavelengths like 660nm, 800nm, and 900nm, and draw comparisons to the traditional infrared sauna experience.

Red light therapy, with its specific wavelengths, targets cellular function, promoting healing and rejuvenation. Unlike infrared saunas, which primarily focus on raising body temperature, red light therapy's tailored approach offers benefits at the cellular level. Scientifically supported, studies reveal its prowess in enhancing skin health, reducing inflammation, and even mitigating muscle fatigue.

The heated debate!

As more people look for biohacks and edges to feel more energised full of life and looking better felling younger particularly post pandemic the world of recovery treatment for the everyday person is booming. However the heated discussion about what is better Infrared sauna or Redlight therapy comes up on a daily basis and the question of what is better should be up for discussion as they are two totally different tools and ill explain why.

To put it as simply as possible its down to the wavelength of light emited from the two devices and the function that has on the tissues of the body. Infrared saunas are heated lamps which have a wavelengths of a wavelength of 5000-15000nm and red light has very specific wavelengths ranging from 600-1000nm. The wavelength at 5-15k is designed to heat up your tissue and penetrate trough your entire body, this will increase your core body temperature and give a wide range of benefits like that of a traditional sauna. IR saunas are thought to be easier to stay in for a longer amount of time as the IR light doesn't heat up the ambient temperate of the sauna. Redlgiht on the other hand had a range of specific wavelengths that all have slightly different functions to supercharge human tissue. It will generate some heat but the power is in the wavelength and how it interacts on a cellular level. 

Whats in the wavelengths?

Truelights utilises a range of wavelengths, each with specific applications in promoting various aspects of health and well-being. At 600 nm, the red light contributes to wound healing, skin health, and collagen production. Moving slightly higher to 610 nm, this wavelength may be employed for skin health and wound healing, although it is less common than other red wavelengths.

The range of 625 nm is particularly effective in managing acne and promoting collagen synthesis, while 630 nm is versatile, addressing concerns such as wrinkle reduction, general skin care, acne treatment, hair regrowth, and even contributing to the healing of mild forms of skin cancer, eczema, and psoriasis. The 635 nm wavelength is often utilized in low-level laser therapy for reducing inflammation and promoting overall healing. Further up the spectrum, at 640 nm, it is occasionally applied for skin conditions and promoting cellular proliferation.

The therapeutic benefits continue with wavelengths like 650 nm, which promotes wound healing, alleviates pain, and potentially improves hair growth. At 660 nm, the red light contributes to reduced inflammation, accelerated wound and injury healing, decreased swelling, pain relief, and reduced muscle fatigue during exercise. Investigated for neuroprotective effects and promoting eye health, the 670 nm wavelength adds to the comprehensive spectrum of applications.

As the spectrum transitions into near-infrared wavelengths, specifically 700 nm, which lies near the border between red and infrared, it becomes less commonly used therapeutically. However, it may have applications in deeper tissue treatments. Wavelengths such as 810 nm, 830 nm, 850 nm, 860 nm, and 880 nm, all falling within the near-infrared range, have varying applications ranging from faster wound and injury healing to enhanced athletic performance, reduced infection, accelerated bone growth and repair, anti-aging properties, and muscle recovery.

Towards the higher end of the spectrum, at 950 nm and 1072 nm, the near-infrared wavelengths lack extensive research in the context of red light therapy, but preliminary studies suggest potential applications in tissue healing. Overall, Truelights' red light therapy offers a diverse range of wavelengths, each tailored to address specific health concerns, making it a versatile and promising approach in the field of light-based therapies.

Redlight is for every one who wants to live a more productive pain free life!

When considering the demands of modern life, gym owners, health centers, and office workers facing mental and physical strain can turn to red light therapy as a holistic solution. The evidence supporting its benefits is robust, ranging from improved athletic performance to cognitive function. This makes it a versatile tool for individuals navigating the challenges of a fast-paced lifestyle.

While saunas have their merits, the flexibility of red light therapy shines through. Compact and energy-efficient, it can seamlessly integrate into small spaces or be tailored to specific needs – from wall installations in spare cupboards to portable setups on massage beds or worn on the body. In contrast to the cost and space requirements of infrared saunas, red light therapy stands out as a practical and economical choice, costing just 29p per day for a full-body unit in the UK.

As technology evolves and scientific support grows, Truelights, a leading provider in the field, offers a gateway to amplified benefits. From health and fitness enthusiasts to business professionals seeking longevity, the applications of red light therapy are vast and promising.

In conclusion, the Redvolution is not just a trend but a transformative approach to well-being. As Truelights paves the way, industries worldwide can tap into the array of benefits that red light therapy brings. Join the Redvolution today, explore the possibilities, and embrace a future where wellness meets cutting-edge technology. #jointheredvolution

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