Redefining Fitness: Why have Red Light Therapy in your gym or facility?

Redefining Fitness: Why have Red Light Therapy in your gym or facility?


In the dynamic arena of modern fitness, where competition is fierce and athletes relentlessly pursue excellence, the spotlight is shifting towards recovery as a performance game-changer. One breakthrough that's been making waves in the world of elite sports, from football clubs to rugby teams, is red light therapy. In this exploration, we'll unravel the nuanced application of red light therapy, delving into its mechanisms, sharing real-world examples from the sporting realm, and showcasing its transformative potential for gyms and health centres.

How Red Light Therapy Illuminates Performance:

Photobiomodulation, the science behind red light therapy, takes centre stage in the athletic and biohacking circles. Different wavelengths, primarily red and near-infrared, have proven instrumental in cellular repair and energy production. For instance, in sports clubs, red light therapy is strategically employed post-training or matches to accelerate muscle recovery. Or utilised in the physio room to increase the efficacy of treatments such as tissue manipulation, cupping etc. The lights wavelengths penetrate from the skins surface all the way down through to the bone depending on the wavelengths and the power output. The wavelengths create increased cell activity and boast a wide range of benefits from, recovery to post surgical use to performance usage and even for aesthetics. 

Timing is Everything:

The magic lies not just in the light itself but also in the timing of its application. Footballers, rugby players and American footballers often undergo red light therapy sessions immediately after intense physical activity, harnessing the heightened metabolic state for optimal absorption. This post-exertion strategy has become a staple in the recovery regimen. With the boom in the use of cold therapy as a recovery tool the usage of contrasting cold with redlight for recovery is growing popularity in the sports world too. The timings and the wavelength combination can be designed for pre-workout and performance benefits also, with the right combinations of settings, pulse rates timings intensity the regular use of red light therapy can improve overall performance from, strength gains to power output and even endurance metrics. 

Championing Recovery: From Locker Rooms to Gyms:

Elite football clubs like Manchester United and rugby teams like Saracens have long recognised the benefits of enhancing recovery for performance gains. The best example of this is the San Fransisco 49ers who introduced Redlight therapy 4 years ago and since then have been recent super bowl finalists, Coincidence? As the fitness landscape evolves, bringing this advanced recovery modality to gyms and health centres becomes not just a choice but a strategic necessity. Imagine a gym equipped with a dedicated red light therapy room, echoing the practices of sporting giants. The value proposition is clear - faster recovery, extended training durations, and ultimately, superior performance.

Beyond the Field: Aesthetics of Red Light Therapy:

Beyond the realm of sports performance, red light therapy has established itself as a potent tool for aesthetics. Gym users the world over go to workout mainly for aesthetic reasons. Specific wavelengths of light can be designed for our machines to focus more for skin health, hair and other cosmetic uses even for oral health too. Red and near-infrared wavelengths contribute to collagen synthesis, reducing the appearance of fine lines and promoting skin health. This dual functionality has led to the incorporation of red light therapy into helping users not only look younger but feel it too.

Operational Simplicity: Integrating Red Light Therapy into Gyms:

One of the distinctive advantages of red light therapy is its simplicity and adaptability. Unlike ice baths or space-consuming saunas, red light therapy units can be seamlessly integrated into gyms, controlled effortlessly through apps and timers. They cost much less in general are much easier to use, require little space and cost a fraction of the price to run with a myriad of benefits for the user.
Consider a scenario where customers switch on a light in the changing room or even use on of our portable devices, targeting specific muscle groups while continuing their training or as part of a specific class like yoga or pilates. Offering such extras as a gym owner will attract a wider range of clientele for your business.


As a company with roots in transforming recovery practices for professional sports clubs around the world, the time is ripe to extend the benefits of red light therapy to the wider fitness community. This paradigm shift not only aligns with the needs of the modern gym-goer but also sets the stage for a revolution in recovery methodologies. For those seeking to elevate their fitness journey, the integration of red light therapy beckons. For further insights or inquiries on implementing red light therapy, contact us at Illuminate your fitness path with the radiance of red light therapy, where recovery meets innovation.

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