"From Gym to Street: The Best Sportswear Fabrics for a Stylish Workout Wardrobe"

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It makes sense that we would pay more attention to the fabrics we wear when exercising and relaxing as we become more concerned with our health and wellness. When choosing the best fabric blend for your clothing, it's important to take comfort, breathability, and durability into account.


Here are some of the top fabric combinations for both sports and leisure:


Blend of Cotton and Polyester

One of the most common fabric combinations for athletic apparel is cotton and polyester. It combines the best qualities of both materials: the suppleness and breathability of cotton with the toughness and moisture-wicking capabilities of polyester. Yoga, Pilates, and other low-impact exercises are ideal for this mixture.


Blend of Nylon and Spandex

For high-impact sports like weightlifting, cycling, or running, nylon and spandex blend is a common choice. The fabric is stretchy, lightweight, and moisture-wicking, making it ideal for activities requiring a lot of movement. Additionally, it offers excellent compression, which lessens muscle fatigue and enhances blood circulation.


Blend of Spandex and Bamboo

A more recent fabric combination that is gaining popularity among people looking for a more environmentally friendly option for their sportswear is bamboo and spandex. Bamboo is a rapidly expanding, sustainable material that naturally repels bacteria and wicks away moisture. It produces a stretchy, breathable fabric when combined with spandex that is ideal for exercises like yoga or Pilates.


Blend of cotton and modal

A common choice for loungewear is a modal and cotton blend. Made from beech trees, modal is a type of rayon prized for its suppleness and breathability. It produces a fabric that is cosy, light, and ideal for lounging around the house when combined with cotton.


Blend of Fleece and Cotton

A common material for loungewear or outerwear is a fleece and cotton blend. The synthetic material fleece is cosy, comfortable, and thin. It produces a fabric that is cosy and ideal for staying warm on a chilly day when combined with cotton.


There is a fabric blend out there that is ideal for you, no matter what your level of activity or fashion. While exercising or relaxing at home, you can stay cosy, dry, and fashionable by picking the right fabric blend.


If you're looking to have your fitness wardrobe optimised with the highest quality fabrics for any occasion, then we have you covered, visit our store for a variety of options that will suit your requirements. Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter for access to special offers and news about the newest trends in loungewear and sportswear.

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