Elite Performance

With Expert interpritation & supplement protocols
DNA & Bloods

Genetic variations can affect the expression of a gene, thereby affecting metabolic processes that are important for maintaining a state of health. Knowledge of these variations offers a powerful advantage, enabling personalised
exercise and nutritional recommendations aimed at optimising health and athletic performance.

Bloods are Sex specific and used to evaluate various aspects of performance, such as muscle function, energy production, oxygen delivery & more.


Gut analysis and food sensitivity tests are necessary for performance because they can help identify imbalances or issues in the digestive system that may be impacting health and well-being. For example, these tests can identify specific foods that may be causing irritation or inflammation in the body, as well as any imbalances or abnormalities in the gut microbiome. By addressing any digestive issues, these tests can help improve physical & mental health via the gut-brain axis. And support overall performance.

Elite Perfomance Testing & Interpretation

Truelabs Elite Performance is the most comprehensive assessment of various key performance metrics in the body.

It includes DNA testing, gut analysis and interpretation, food sensitivity testing, and evaluation of inflammatory markers. The package is designed to help individuals improve their performance and health. It may be particularly useful for athletes and high-performing professionals who want to optimize their bodies for their chosen fields.

With Expert interpretation and recommendations that are provided as part of the consultation. This package will help individuals understand their test results and receive tailored guidance on improving their performance and health.

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