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Red light therapy is proven to reduce inflammation and increase the production of ATP (adenosene tri-phosphate) With this unit you can maximise absobtion in a certain area of the body allowing for focused treatmant along side your rehab plan.


Red light isnt just for recovery it is used by elite althletes and biohackers the world over to get increase performance and over all athletic ability.

Case Studies

This really changed my life. I had chroic knee pain and with the help of Truelights and their amazing team I am back on my feet again. Dont think, just try it for yourslef!


I suffered from sleep issues due to watching a screen all day at work. After fitting a transportable unit at my desk, I felt the change after a matter of days. I can't recommend truelights more.


I was looking for somthing to recover quicker after my workouts that i could take with me to the gym. Here it is and its been a game changer.

TRUELIGHTS MAXELITE 6000 Champion Light unit
TRUELIGHTS MAXELITE 6000 Champion Light unit
TRUELIGHTS MAXELITE 6000 Champion Light unit

TRUELIGHTS MAXELITE 6000 Champion Light unit

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The TRUELIGHTS MAXELITE portable light is part of our premium red light range. 

The 6000w Full body Campion lamp is ideal for treating the entire body for maximum absorption or for cancelling all blue light in a room. Typically used by elite athletes and sporting facilities to optimise their peak performance.

The device boasts convenient timer technology to optimise the user experience.

Also, link capabilities enable the user to build a panel of lights to their specification and can be controlled simultaneously.

3 modes Near 880-900nm and invisible to the eye, don't let the name confuse you. This is for deep tissue work if you have arthritic issues or want to recover or avoid DOMS after an intense workout.

600-660nm This is visible light and treats the surface and penetrates around 3mm below. It increases collagen production, healing scars, and aiding hair growth.

Complete 600-900nm Full spectrum. This function is best to maximise the absorption from all your cells to give maximum benefits. This also adds extra heat, which increases blood flow and can help with chronic lower back pain.

Comes with 2 years warranty as standard.

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