Introspectivity- Ste Lane - S1 E7

Introspectivity- Ste Lane - S1 E7

In this Episode.....

I got to sit down with Ste and talk in a huge amount of depth about all aspects of fitness and health. We really did take a deep dive into the infinite space of living better and healthier!

I am going to keep this brief however some of the things we covered are...

  • Diet 
  • Recovery 
  • Biohacking - Red Light therapy 
  • mushrooms supplements
  • Psychedelics 
  • travel 
  • love 
  • happiness 
  • Mediation
  • Leadership 

And more...

If you want to find more out about Ste and what his is all about please reach out to him on instagram or visit his website 

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Have a great week......

Up next i have Australian international Willie Tonga looking forward to this one!!!


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