The Kaysways TAFit Mind Motivation Season 1 Episode 2

The Kaysways TAFit Mind Motivation Season 1 Episode 2



In this episode I speak to my good friend and ex teammate liam kay prolific rugby league winger try scorer with an almost 1:1 ratio of Trys to games. Liam is currently playing for the Wakefield Trinity wildcats in super league after his recent departure from The Toronto Wolfpack which he has made history as the clubs first ever signing. And formerly of leigh centurions. 

We spoke about his career so far, his highlights, what motivates him and where his drive came from to become a professional athlete.

We cover His loss of love for the game and how he found it again,Mental health of players, Playing for Ireland on the biggest stage at a world cup. His future ambitions and what it's like playing and training as a professional sportsman during the pandemic.

I really enjoyed talking more in-depth with Liam as during my time as a professional sportsman you don't tend to ask these questions to one another which is really a bit of a shame but something now I am going to endeavour to do more of!
There is a lot in here for sports fans but for anyone who wants to listen to Liam and me catch up and discuss fitness mindsets and motivations and life in general.
Enjoy please leave a comment if this is something you are interested in or not.  criticism is what moves us forward.
Have a great week

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