Bon voyage, Rugby league star and S&C coach Andrew Dixon Season 1 Episode 4

Bon voyage, Rugby league star and S&C coach Andrew Dixon Season 1 Episode 4

First of all, I would like to wish Andrew the best of luck for his new move to Toulouse Olympique. They have a great set up and it will be a great opportunity to soak up a new culture and I think he and the team will make a huge impact this season!

In this episode, I talk with a good friend and longtime teammate and opponent going back to grassroots rugby. 




I sat down and spoke to Andrew before the new year after he had left his last club Toronto which we discussed in depth. His opinions on the situation with rugby over the pond and what he thinks about its future and a look back on his time at the club, he talks so fondly about toronto the city and Canada as a country as well as a club.

We stick with the theme and talk about all things related to Fitness, Mindset and motivation and how Andrew continues to be one of the most consistent players out there and what he does ritually to achieve this state of excellence.

We talk about his multiple talents and how he has used his master's degree in strength and conditioning to become a coach alongside playing. 

These are the really interesting and valuable topics I want to cover in these conversations as it interests me and I'm sure others to understand how and why Andrew and other high achievers manage to spin and balance successfully so many plates at the same time.

There were many things we forgot to touch on as we got lost down a few rabbit holes on the state of play with rugby at the minute during the pandemic. But that just leaves more to talk about the next time he comes on.

I hope you get something out of this episode with Andrew! Thanks for listening.

If you want to check out the last three episodes where I talk with an Ultrarunner, An international Rugby Star and an Olympian then please find them all here.

Have a great week 

And all the best for this 2021!


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