Is there a workout for every part of your life, body, mind and spirit?

Is there a workout for every part of your life, body, mind and spirit?

This day and age we are always looking to get things in the most convenient package. Two in one shampoo and conditioner and three in one moisturisers are all the rage. However, when we come to move our bodies is there something that can make you feel good in every part of your life?

I personally have tried and tested a lot of different workouts, each promising to be as life changing as the next, but what I am discovering that it isn’t WHAT I do, it’s HOW I do it.

You might not be surprised to hear that it was yoga that helped me to understand this. By taking movement back down to the absolute basics, I began to understand my body and mind in a new way and gain a new perspective of what it does for me every waking second. My body is actually extremely intelligent, and it’s my mind which gets in the way which can lead to stress or injury. Doesn’t this sounds a lot like when you have a gut feeling in life but your mind talks your body out of it? What if we could learn to trust ourselves and move through the sticky bits of life with more awareness? Well, you can!

I am not saying, go and throw on your yoga leggings and get into a headstand, because first of all- I can’t do a headstand- but secondly, yoga isn’t just about the physical postures. You don’t even have to “do yoga” to do yoga! Ok, here’s an example. Do you know the feeling when you reach the end of hard day and you audibly say “AND BREATHE"? What if you actually took time to breathe that day? (I’m sure you where taking some oxygen in, or you wouldn’t be reading this) What if, by taking a huge calming breaths, you were able to separate yourself from the situation and notice how you were feeling before that feeling took on a life of it’s own. That is when your life becomes the yoga, and there is no separation. Diffusing a situation at work is yoga, being patient with your arguing children is yoga, everything is yoga.

Now, like all good things in life this mastery of yourself and mind doesn’t come quickly or easily. Only with dedication and consistency does yoga begin to transform your life. Change is a subtle shift over time until suddenly you realise you’ve changed and grown beyond what you thought was possible.

Again, it isn’t WHAT you do, it’s HOW you do it. The intention behind your movement and thoughts is the place to start. If you’re reason to work out is solely to look a certain way, then I invite you to think again. Maybe you could approach movement as an opportunity for self inquiry, to understand your body better, to feel good and be your most authentic self.

Yoga may not be the path for you but I invite you to think about why you want to move, and what do you want from it? If you start from this place and treat yourself with compassion, you are already on the right path. Have a wonderful day. Move your body, challenge your mind and free your spirit!


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