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What is holistic performance and lifestyle coaching? How it helped me cure my chronic fatigue syndrome!

What is holistic performance and lifestyle coaching? How it helped me cure my chronic fatigue syndrome!

Last year I was suffering...

From a multitude of symptoms that seemed to have no connection whatsoever. They presented all over the body, and I felt like I was ageing physically and mentally. The comparison I would make to myself was feeling like deterioration of an aged person suffering from dementia type symptoms and aches all over the body.

My joints were completely stiff, and pain spread throughout my entire body. I had no energy and took frequent naps throughout the day, feeling deflated, depressed, and lacking motivation. My gut was unable to digest almost anything. After two visits to the hospital following collapses and spasms in my stomach, which resonated to the chest causing heart pain, bloating, skin rashes, the list just went on and on. Finally, Doctors told me that I was suffering from chronic gastritis, and due to a family history of gall disease, I should consider a cause of action which may lead towards this treatment. I was sent away with a slew of gastro-resistant tablets and pain medications, including codeine, diazepam, and citalopram for the depression.

Luckily, I knew what these medications could do to me long term and how they could make symptoms gradually worse down the line. Therefore, I started the holistic performance and lifestyle branch of True Athletic. To help better those in similar situations like me who had tried everything yet ultimately were in the hands of doctors and medical professionals—those who hadn't enough time to dedicate their time to me and my situation. The actions of the modern medical professional are entirely understandable. Unfortunately, the number of newly qualified NHS doctors are dwindling year on year, leaving hospitals understaffed and overworked. 

I took many classes, read hundreds of books, audiobooks and podcasts, took many tests, including blood work, stool samples, and more. I ultimately diagnosed and treated myself. The details of this are too long to go into in this blog. I will recover this at a later date. For now, I want to clear up what holistic performance coaching? The word holistic is shrouded in misinformation. I intend to rasterise out the nonsense and help you understand what we at True Athletic and Holistic performance coaching is and if it is for you.


What do Holism and Holistic mean?


Holism, by definition, is the concept that a theory or practice can only be understood fully in its entirety. Or is the idea that various topics (e.g. physical, biological, social) should be viewed as wholes, not merely a collection of parts. If Holism is the theory, then holistically, we practice. 

Holistic practitioners ways of healing share the main commonality. They believe that you must consider the person's entire system and not just the area of symptom or ailment to heal fully. As put in the 4th century BC by Socrates, "the part can never be well unless the whole is well." 

The practice of Holistic performance and lifestyle coaching takes into consideration. 


Reductionism vs Holism the modern vs the ancient


To put this into context for health and fitness, use my experience as an example. During my injury assessment at my rugby club, specialists told me that my hip, lower back, and glute pain was due to a genetic misshaping of the femoral head, resulting in the socket and labral damage leading to early-onset osteoarthritis. The reductionist approach ( which I received ) is to scan the problem area, assess, and then treat the joint with surgery and prescribe rehabilitation from said surgery, hoping the patient recovers. A holistic approach would be to get a full assessment of the patients, diet, source of food, environment, lifestyle, social and mental wellbeing and health. Then to assess if other issues like in my case are causing the pain, they would have discovered gut issues caused by an environmental contaminant—this lead to joint inflammation manifesting into pain and reduced mobility, amongst other things. Had I received a more holistic approach, I may have recovered without surgery at all, not to mention avoiding the last four years of immobility and pain as a result.


There are cons to this approach, especially in the medical industry, where time is of the essence. For example, detailed backgrounds on all aspects of health, fitness and lifestyle can't be adequately assessed. In addition, there is just too much stress and pressure and a lack of funding and time for these types of holistic investigative practices. 


Why True Athletic Fitness Holistic Coaching?


At True Athletic Fitness, we have the time and the energy to uncover each stone with meticulous precision. And aim to get to the root cause of the problem. Our coaches come from a professional sporting and physical fitness background. The foundation of the programming is centred around physical performance. As we believe, the body needs to be pushed and stressed and exposed to different environments and states. This is why we incorporate cryotherapy, red light therapy, mediation, physiotherapy and breathwork into our programming. Whilst we will always work towards a physical goal or achievement like a distance run, multi-event race, CrossFit event or increased performance at a professional level. We will always keep the notion of the 'whole' present throughout all the work with our coaches and programming. This is because our approach is backed by extensive scientific research and data, proven over centuries, just forgotten in recent times. 


Our mission is to bring holistic coaching back into the spotlight and take your life: physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and everything in between to the next level. We will lead you to your state of peak human performance, able you to take on anything that life has to throw with lasting effect. This is not a 6 - 12 week programme; this is lifestyle changing, and it works!


Think you are ready or want to find out more?


Connect for a 20-minute introductory call to discuss where you are and where you want to go. Then, discuss how HPLC can help improve your life and around your schedule. 

Email for more information to book your connection call today.

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